What is Population Segmentation?

Population segmentation is a tool the Health Board can use to identify people who could benefit most from some extra support to improve their health and wellbeing.

Through bringing together healthcare information from both primary care (GPs) and secondary care (hospitals), the Health Board can find groups of people that use healthcare in similar ways. Some people may be healthy and rarely visit the GP while others may have a range of health conditions and use lots of different services from GPs to surgery and visiting A&E.

How does the Population Segmentation team use this data?

Funded through the Transformation Fund, the team plans to use initial data to identify patients that would be best suited to and really benefit from support from the Community Health and Wellbeing teams.

GPs can access a list of these patients to then make a referral. These teams include a range of professionals that can really understand the needs of a patient and work together to find solutions to improve their health and wellbeing.

It is hoped by using this tool, using health information, we can make sure that those in most need and at highest risk of admission to hospital are supported through the Community Health and Wellbeing Teams, reducing their risk of going to hospital in the future.