Some context....

Every five years Regional Partnership Boards across Wales are required to publish a Population Needs Assessment. This is an important piece of work as the assessment influences future decisions on  health, social care and wellbeing services, funding and resources.

The CTM Population Needs Assessment is developed using both data reports and feedback from residents and professionals. Statistics only tell one side of the story, so capturing stories from people with lived experiences helps RPBs to fully understand needs and challenges.

To add value to the assessment process, we worked with our partners across health and social care to set up a Community Action Group (CAG). This group is Chaired by our Innovation Manager, Dr Tom Powell, and is coordinated by our engagement officers, Jo and Lizzie.

The Community Action Group has a membership of 50 people from across the region who come together on a monthly basis to review and reflect on progress, in addition to working together to overcome challenges.

In addition to the CAG, engagement and data groups have been set up to feed relevant information through.

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Hearing from our communities

The Population Needs Assessment will guide what health, social care and wellbeing services are needed, and also what needs to be improved, so our residents can live happy and healthy lives.

But to do this, the assessment needs to highlight barriers, challenges and ideas for change from those who directly use our services.  We wanted to find an accessible way to support people with lived experiences to share their stories while connecting with others.

We worked with the Our Voice Matters project (funded through the Integrated Care Fund), and our colleagues in the Regional Partnership Board to organise a series of creative events.

These events were attended by both health, social care and wellbeing professionals and residents, and gave people an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings through a variety of artistic activities.

Since starting the project we have met with over 300 people, including people with learning disabilities; unpaid carers; autistic children and parents and carers; people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments; people who access mental health services and older people.

A number of songs, drama sketches, artworks, poems and stories have been written to bring to life experiences.

Through the Community Action Group and supporting engagement and data groups, our partners have also shared feedback too.

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What is happening next?

The CTM Population Needs Assessment is due to be published in April 2022, however we will be working with all of those we have built relationships with to reflect on the draft document, so we can ensure challenges and ideas have been accurately captured.

We will continue to share updates on this page.