What do these words mean to you?

Our Regional Partnership Board vision is to make a difference to people’s lives by involving them, listening and taking action together to transform the way services are delivered.

So when we started developing our website, we wanted to make sure our communities were involved in exploring what this vision means to them, and what is important to them.

Before Christmas 2020, we invited 100 people who represented people with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, people with mental health problems, unpaid carers, autistic people, older people and children and young people to take part in workshops on Zoom.

We asked them what the following words meant to them:

  • Transform
  • Taking action
  • Listening
  • Making a difference
  • Innovation
  • Involving

We also asked what we needed to consider when developing our website and communications assets. 





What did we do?

The site is a work in progress, and will evolve as we go on.

However, we have listened to our community groups, and have taken the following bits of feedback on board, which hopefully you’ll see on this website.

  • Lots of imagery and several films that include words and people from the communities we serve
  • British Sign Language translation on all of our films
  • Easy read documents to download
  • Accessible and simple language that brings to life the words spoken by our groups 
  • Different options to receive communication via our contact page
  • A ‘useful documents’ area where people visiting the site can see how decisions are made, including reports
  • Our People page – so people know who sits on the Regional Partnership Board
  • Pictures to represent different areas of work (for example, one of our groups agreed a flower represents transformation, so that is the picture we chose!)

We have also included an accessibility software tool called ‘Recite Me’ at the top of the website, so people using the website can customise it in a way that works best for them.

We hope you like it! Thank you so much to everyone who helped us.

*Names are fictional to protect the individuals who attended our workshops. 


Lizzie, Local Authority Engagement Officer at the CTM Research, Innovation and Improvement Co-Ordination Hub said:

"I really enjoyed taking part in the workshops and listening to how people in our community feel.

"I can't wait to continue involving people in our work."

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