The term 'learning disability' is used to describe many different conditions. People with the same learning disability may experience that condition differently.

It's important that people with learning disabilities feel genuinely listened to and involved, have control and choice over their own lives.

Our work focuses on working with organisations and people with learning disabilities across the region to look at how support and services can be improved for those that access them.

The Population Needs Assessment tells us how people with Learning Disabilities would like services improved

Some suggestions include:

  • Easy Read and accessible information made available to them in a timely manner. They would also like to know where to go to get information
  • To be included in decisions that affect them so they can share their voice and opinions
  • more opportunities and choice with day time opportunities, with a particular focus on innovation employment, volunteering and education options so they can feel integrated in the community
  • More opportunities for social contact both online and in person to help establish support networks, connect with new activities and develop more skills
  • Guidelines for supported and independent living providers to allow/promote personal risk assessments for tenants, rather than generic measures. This will allow them to have more ownership and control over their lives
  • A review of public transport timetables to be undertaken to give them flexibility to attend regular appointments
  • Opportunities and skills to make ‘real’ friends who can be there for them in hard times, including in other geographical areas
  • More opportunities to be involved in the community, which would help them feel more confident and comfortable being in their community
  • To have a Learning Disabilities Charter developed across the region to help them have a voice
  • More Disability Equality Awareness Training to be delivered across the region

Information such as this helps us to understand how we can support people with learning disabilities to be more involved and empowered; and have more choice and control.

Whether you are living with a learning disability, are a family member/friend, or support people with learning disabilities, this page will  keep you up to date on our progress and ways to get involved.

My Day, My Way!

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