We know living with dementia can be very challenging and isolating for both the person who is experiencing it, and their loved ones.

People will experience dementia in their own way. That is why it is important they are able to access the information, advice and services that are right for them, and also feel listened to.

Our findings

From this report, we can see the many challenges people living with dementia are facing.

The ‘Our Voice Matters’ project, which gathered views from older people (including those living with dementia) during the first COVID-19 lockdown, tells us:

  • People are feeling isolated, and would like access to services where they can have friendly chats, support and advice 
  • They would like to understand how to digitally connect with friends and family, while staying safe from scammers 
  • They would like to feel useful in their local communities and connect with younger people
  • They would like to receive more information and advice in different ways, including the post and telephone 
  • They would like projects created that help them enjoy life, such as finding new hobbies or meeting new people
  • They would like a review of bus and train timetables across the region, so they can access services more easily 

Information such as this helps us to understand how to create and improve better services for people living with dementia.

This page will aim to keep you up to date on our progress and ways to get involved.

Dementia Action Plan

Read the Dementia Action Plan for Wales here.