We work together to look at how services and support can be improved for our communities, so they have better wellbeing and health outcomes.

Finding what matters to our communities

Every five years we undertake a regional Population Needs Assessment. This assessment guides what heath, social care and wellbeing services are needed in our community, and the range of support and services required to meet that need.

This year we worked with the Cwm Taf and Bridgend Public Services Boards to produce a Population Needs Assessment and Wellbeing Assessment. By working together with our residents and community groups, we can listen to and understand our communities’ needs, and then recommend to Welsh Government what health, social care and wellbeing services should be created or improved over the next five years (2023-2028).



Conversations that matter

Over a period of 100 days we worked with our partners to gather lots of data on our local population , and undertook activities to help us have meaningful conversations with our residents. We heard about our communities' experiences, current needs and aspirations for the future so we can build on services that are working well, and also work together to address the challenges.

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Here you can see updates on activity, and what information we gathered.

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Councillor Chris Davies blog

Cllr Chris Davies who sits on our RPB explains why it's so important to involve our communities as equal partners in this work.

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Population Needs Assessment summary.

The CTM Population Needs Assessment (2022-2027) summary is available here.

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Meet Lynne

In this story we meet Lynne, who was one of the first people to set up People First, an advocacy group for people with learning disabilities in South Wales.

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Meet Bravon

In this story we meet Bravon, who was born and raised in Kenya before moving to the UK in 2019. Bravon is a Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) Engagement Officer, working in Merthyr Tydfil.

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Meet Ceri

In this story we meet Ceri who has been caring for people, including her own parents, since her teens.

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Our Voice Matters

This Our Voice Matters report includes some top tips from residents in the community on how to have meaningful conversations with people.


Engagement Toolkit

We want to ensure we are capturing as many voices as possible in our Local Assessment of Wellbeing and Need.

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